Spacerslide is a prototype of a slider game in space.  


Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move the slider.
Activate all star points in a level by touching them, then get to the portal.
Press R to restart a level.
Press while in-game to use a 'skip' (limited) to skip a level.
Press Esc while playing to return to the title screen.
Press 1 at any time to change the color scheme.
Press 2 while in-game to show an align tool.
Press 3 while in-game to toggle background movement off/on.
Press at any time to toggle sound on/off.
Press M at any time to toggle music on/off.


This is an unfinished prototype.  All feedback appreciated regardless.
Please follow if you liked it!

(Design, programming, art, sound, and music by treehann)

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Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAbstract, browser, easy, online, Short, Singleplayer, slider, Space, web

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This was fun! Consider options to:

  • select a level
  • make background static

I agree and will give the player a few Skips when I next update this.  Background option cycling is also a planned feature.  Thanks for playing and commenting!

The latter is now live in the game!  Version 0.91.


cute music and sounds, smooth gameplay, just as traumatizing as mahogany town ice cave ;^)

a cave which I had to ask a friend to solve for me, and then went on to make this... oh how times have changed